Mar 21, 2012


Last year was a journey for me as I went gluten and dairy free. Trying to find the right foods was difficult and often frustrating. Once I finally became more comfortable with what I could eat I started to become sick because I wasn't eating enough filling foods, mostly protein. So now I have been working hard at eating balanced and filling meals/snacks. I eat smaller meals, usually snacking throughout the day. But stress and a busy schedule has caused me to fall back into some of my bad habits of eating unhealthy. I have a terrible sweet tooth and added to my desire for a bakery I have been baking too much eating too much of what I bake!

This week I have been weaning myself off baked goods and next week I'll add in some healthier sweet options. I found a website, This Lunch BRox!, which has given me some great ideas for healthy lunches. Last week I was trying to find a lunchbox but was so overwhelmed with options. Now I'm going to find something similar to a bento box, which helps you portion your food and keeps everything separated.

Laptop Lunches has great recipes, ideas, and some really cool lunchboxes. But I really like these containers from Lock and Lock that are airtight and you can put in any lunch bag...

There are plenty of options out there and I love how the containers are divided. Make sure to check out This Lunch BRox! to see some really cute lunch creations but also great healthy lunches!

Check back in the future for posts of what I've been eating for lunch and tomorrow for a great Gluten and Dairy free Enchilada recipe!

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