About Me

I'm currently in my early twenties and a college senior who will graduate with a degree in Information Systems in Spring 2012. I'm so excited to graduate college (finally!) and enter the 'real world' in May so my focus is on school at the moment. But thankfully with school comes a lot of baking! It's one of my stress relievers. In order to combat the extra calories it can sometimes add I stay as healthy as possible. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy life to the fullest! We all have our guilty pleasures :) But I believe that being healthy does not mean giving up all the bad stuff entirely. There are so many healthy and just as delicious (sometimes even better!) alternatives. And you know what? Sometimes I just want some good old fried food. Wings and donuts are my kryptonite!

Loves of My Life

I am so thankful for my amazing boyfriend, Matt, who has helped me tremendously with going GF/DF. My little mutt, Bijou, has been there to keep me company on our daily walks. She also reminds me that she needs her daily walks :) And now baby Summer, our gorgeous American Staffordshire Terrier, who keeps all of us active with her spurts of energy. This is my little family that loves and supports me every day! I don't know how I got so lucky :)

Bijou and Summer

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